Lady Du Says She “Was The First Female DJ In South Africa

Amapiano DJ shared a lengthy Instagram post revealing she was the first and youngest female DJ in South Africa.

As we all know, every big star in the country has a story of their come up and all the work they put in to be where they are now. We agree that no one just surfaces out of nowhere, some times, a lot of work goes in to get them there.

It must have been an emotional day for because she took to her Instagram to share her story just to inspire everyone’s struggle to get up to where she is now. The “Gupta” star revealed that she was the first female DJ in the country.

According to her, she started DJing at the age of 10, also making her the youngest. She even went to study abroad and came back to it later. She revealed that she’d been around for over two decades doing what she does. Check the post out below.

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