Lady Du Searching For Fan Who Helped Tie Her Shoe During A Show

Fans show their love for their idols in whatever way they can. For one fan, there was no other way to show Lady Du love but to attend her show… And when he saw that the lace of her show was loose, he elected to tie them.

The whole exercise was captured on camera, and Lady du was more than pleased with the whole thing. In a recent post to her Instagram page, she had shared a clip of the sweet moment that got her emotional.

In the comment to her post, she noted that the gesture was so sweet. She also asked for help in locating the man who had helped with her laces, promising him a gift.

It cannot be determined what she wants to send the fan, but social media users who saw her post and noted her plans to send a gift to the stranger were pleased with her. Some even blessed her for being so thoughtful.

Well, amid plans to send a gift to the fan, Lady Du is also working assiduously on a new song with Nigeria’s Davido and Ghana’s Tripcy. The release date for the song has not been given, but fans are already fevered with expectancy.

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