Lady Du Shows Off Her Somatology & Business Qualifications

Piano star Lady Du shows off her somatology and business qualifications as she details the journey to achieving her dreams.

A star like Lady Du doesn’t need a reality show to show fans what she’s been up to; she already motivates us on social media. Weeks back, the “Dakiwe” star announced she had finally finished work on her salon, Wawa La Beauty.

Everyone was so proud of her but not more than she was of herself. It seems she still can’t believe how far she’s come. The Piano star took photos of all her somatology and business qualifications and posted them on Instagram to motivate her fans.

She detailed the journey it has taken her to achieve her dreams and some of the recent moves she has made. She also revealed an international company was coming in to evaluate it for franchising and more of her plans. Fans took to the comments section to congratulate her.

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