Lady Du Thanks Mr JazziQ for Supporting Her New Salon, Wawa La Beauty

Piano star Lady Du thanks her friend Mr JazziQ for supporting her new salon, Wawa La Beauty.

Lady Du is certainly working hard, and we can all see it. Earlier in the year, the star announced plans to open her own salon and revealed how hard it was to get it up and running. Returning to the scene, she announced the launch, writing,

“Wawa La Beauty will open for a month before the official launch. This is because we all need to be happy with the staff there before we show them off to the world, So the first few treatments will be reasonable as it will not be officially opened.”

“This took me eight months to build from scratch, I had pipe bursts flooding everything you can think of because this was the first property I bought. I knew nothing about construction. Today, I actually own a construction company.”

She recently took to social media to thank everyone who has supported her. She particularly showed love to her friend, Mr JazziQ, for coming to get his nails done.

“I’d like to thank everyone who’s supporting me. I’m so humbled by what’s happening in my life right now, to @mrjazziq thank bro means a lot kindly follow @wawalabeauty1 for all the specials and booking details.”

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