Lady Du’s 20 Qualifications Ignite Debate In Mzansi

Mzansi musician Lady Du’s qualification is the centre of public attention and debate – again. The issue arose previously when the songstress flaunted her qualifications and advertised herself as not just another muso but one that has achieved a lot.

The same debate was recently reignited when a Twitter user with the name Hermaine posted a picture of Lady Du as well as the wall showing her certificates. She noted that the singer has 20 qualifications and has travelled to 108 countries.

Her post ignited debate, with some tweeps seemingly mocking the number of qualifications she has and dismissing some of them as certificates of attendance. You can check out the posts below.

Lady Du wasn’t in the comment of the latest post, and it is doubtful she would pop in there since she wasn’t the original author. Either way, she previously worked on a ship. This should explain the number of countries she has visited so far in her life.

That aside, she has come a long way as a musician and is today justly recognised as one of the leading voices in South Africa’s amapiano universe. Also, with her many qualifications, she has indirectly shown younger ladies the possibilities that lie ahead of them.

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