Lady Du’s Big Advice To AKA

South African disc jockey Lady Du thinks should have been more generous in the way he responded to a musician who had reached out to him for a collaboration.

In a recent post to Instagram, AK had shared the message he got from an unknown musician who was apparently at his 34th birthday bash but still failed to get the “Fela in Versace” star to work with him.

He denounced the musician for feeling entitled, noting that 90 percent of the music out there is trash. Also, even before he could get in the studio with the likes of veterans like and HHP, several numbers had to be changed.

But the musicians had popped from nowhere, hoping to work with him (AKA). And as far as is concerned, that’s not happening.

Lady Du, who had apparently seen AKA’s response, thought he could have done better. While admitting that the person was feeling entitled, the way the person wrote indicated that the writing was done from a place of pain and should not have posted it on social media.

Well, some fans thought Lady DU made sense there. Maybe thought the same as well, for he eventually pulled down the post.

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