Lady Gaga Calls for Peace Ahead of Joe Biden’s Inauguration

American pop star, Lady Gaga calls for peace in the United States ahead of President-elect, Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The past few weeks have been chaotic in the United States. The world has seen America in a state that has never been seen before all through the days that led to President-elect, Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th President of the United States.

Not too long ago, the Capitol was invaded by Trump supporters who weren’t happy with the outcome of the election. Finally, it seems the dust has settled. Set to perform at the inauguration ceremony today, Wednesday, Janaury 20th, Lady Gaga posted a prayer for peace.

The “Alejandro” hit maker prays that it would be a day of peace for all Americans. According to the post, she hopes it would be a day of “dreaming of our future joy as a country”. The post is obviously in reaction to all that has led to President Trump’s step down from power.

The photo posted by Gaga was taken in the Capitol, the same site which dominated headlines not too long ago. She is among many other celebs who will be present at the event including Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lopez, Ant Clemons, Jon Bon Jovi, the Foo Fighters, John Legend, Eva Longoria, Demi Lovato, Bruce Springsteen, Justin Timberlake, and Kerry Washington.

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