Lady Who Alleged DJ Fresh Raped Her Years Ago Blasts Him Over Comment On The Case

Nampree, the lady who accused DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik of rape a while ago, has lambasted DJ Fresh for claiming that she lost the case.

Years ago, Nampree had claimed that DJ Fresh and Euphonik drugged and raped her and her friend sometime in 2011. Reacting to the post, however, both DJs denied it, claiming they don’t know the lady and it’s impossible they would rape someone they don’t know and have never met.

The case dragged on, with both DJs counter-suing her for defamation. It was reported that the case against the two DJs was later dismissed for lack of evidence. The case died down soon after.

In a recent update, though, DJ Fresh had revisited the case and informed his social media followers that she lost the court case.

Reacting to his claims, Nampree noted that he had blocked her so she wouldn’t see what he wrote about her. She rebuked him for “lying” and urged him to stop mentioning her name. She dismissed him ultimately, claiming that DJ Fresh admitted in his post that her rights were violated.

She also shared a statement from her attorneys regarding the case, still affirming her position on the matter. You can check it out below.

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