Lady Zamar Addresses People Speaking Ill Of Her On Social Media

She has often been attacked on social media for her relationships and her past. But what does Lady Zamar feel to be at the receiving end of people’s criticisms? She gave an insight into this in a recent tweet.

From the look of things, she is unfazed by people’s thoughts about her. In her tweet, she noted that when people are mean to her on social media because of one thing or the other that they heard about her, she somehow feels sad for them.

While she knows their intentions were to hurt her, what she sees in her critics are people who are actually hurting and keen to project the same on others. This reality makes her feel nothing but compassion for her critics. A broken heart emoji showed just how much she felt about the situation.

Lady Zamar pops in the news sporadically. Of particular interest to the public was the claim she made that South African rapper Sjava raped her. The claim almost ruined Sjava’s career at the time. But he somehow survived. The claim might have died down, but Sjaja’s fans continue to accuse her of lying against their music hero.

Well, for Lady Zamar critics, she doesn’t care what you say.

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