Lady Zamar Admits she Wanted to Quit Music at Some Point

In a chat with her Twitter followers on Monday 6 July 2020, Lady Zamar revealed little know facts about her music career, including plans, now suspended, to quit the music industry.

In a tweet on July 5, Lady Zamar had stated she puts her heart and soul, every fibre of her being, into making music. A curious fan reminded her that she had said at some point that she wanted to quit music.

Lady Zamar admitted she did, adding that the thought of quitting even comes to the best of musicians out there. She even suggested that the person who had reminded her of her plans to quit, @GeeDogg411 on Twitter, might at some point have thought of quitting something he loves.

The fan didn’t dispute this. He rather appeared gratified that the songstress is still visible on South Africa’s music orbit, as her disappearance would have robbed Mzansi off her “incomparable talent.”

Well Lady Zamar is still here. And the music, surely, will keep coming. Imagine if she had quit. The world would have missed several sterling numbers from the singer whose legal name is Yamikani Janet Banda.

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