Lady Zamar Blasted For relationship Advice

Lady Zamar On Being Cancelled, Opens Social Media Comments

Mzansi singer and songwriter Lady Zamar is blasted by tweeps for giving unsolicited relationship advice.

When Lady Zamar breathes, literally every Sjava fan gets upset and wants to scream at her for it. It seems they have made it a thing to criticize the “World’s Gone Crazy” singer for her rape allegations against her ex-boyfriend Sjava in 2019.

The case was thrown out of court due to a lack of evidence. Since then, fans have taken every opportunity to slam the singer for leaving a stain on the rapper. Zamar recently took to Twitter to dish some relationship advice.

She wrote, “Your job as a man is to make sure she never needs another man again.” Again, she was criticized so harshly that she tweeted again, asking Mzansi why they hated her so much. Of course, you know what the replies to her question were. A tweep harshly commented, “Your job was to make sure he doesn’t face false allegations, but you failed. Sit down,”