Lady Zamar Comes Clean About Her Mental Health Struggles

“World’s Gone Crazy” star Lady Zamar has come clean about her mental health struggles after facing backlash for accusing her ex-boyfriend Sjava of abuse.

Lady Zamar has been one of the most bullied celebs on social media. The “Collide” star came under fire after her abuse allegations against her ex-boyfriend Sjava were dropped by the NPA following extensive investigations.

The singer had to leave social media to get better, but she is still constantly trolled. City Press reports that Lady Zamar said that NPA’s decision to withdraw her claims made things difficult for her. She was diagnosed with compound PTSD and depression in 2020 and had to go to therapy.

“I’ve forgiven myself for being ignorant, for not realising that a lot of people are bad people. I’ve forgiven myself for not being confident in myself. I saw that I could stand up to everybody and the monsters around me,” said the “Collide” star.

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