Lady Zamar Continues To Get Dragged For Abuse Allegations Against Sjava

Singer, Lady Zamar seems to be facing a lot of backlash, due to her issue with her ex Sjava, having enough of it, she decided to caution the Twitter Users.

The legal battle going on between the estranged lovers have led to a division on Twitter, with one part supporting Lady Zamar and the other Sjava. Supporters of Sjava are not playing it cool with the female singer as they always find it easy to make rash responses and assumptions towards her.

Lady Zamar took to her twitter page on Friday 3rd of April 2020 to share various posts cautioning social media users against using such rash responses and assuming what happened between them was a lie or not. She cautioned people to get their facts right before reacting.
See the post below;

Lady Zamar took up her allegation claims of Sjava abusing and raping her when they were dating legally late last year.

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