Lady Zamar Continues To Promote Her New “Sunshine” Song

Lady Zamar is being creative at promoting her recently released single titled Sunshine, she takes it to the mall

Lady Zamar took to her social media page as she continues to promote her newly released single titled “Sunshine.”

South African award winning House singer, Lady Zamar is taking the promotion of her new song “Sunshine” seriously as she takes to her social media page to promote the song dressed in a t-shirt and plaid pants. The song is a track off her sophomore album titled “Monarch”.

The visuals for the song which makes reference to marriage was released late last year, 6th of December 2019. The song has not performed as much as her previously released single which explains why the singer continues to promote the song.

The album “Monarch” which the single is taken from gives an insight into her journey into the music industry in South Africa and the obstacles she had to face and conquer. This is coming after her singles “Sharp Shooter” and “This Is Love” did so well in the year 2019, getting award nominations and performing at major international shows. The video posted on her social media page sees the singer dressed in T-shirt and plaid pants while “Sunshine” plays in the background, captioning it:

I honestly just love playing around…especially in the mall.

Watch Lady Zamar dance away at the mall while “Sunshine” play in the background:

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