Lady Zamar Dragged As TikTok Clip Of Rehashing Sjava Scandal Trends Online

Lady Zamar On Being Cancelled, Opens Social Media Comments

It appears like South African singer Lady Zamar isn’t fone yey in her war against fellow musician Sjava. It’s been years since she claimed that the BET Award-winning rapper raped her. And ever since, she has been bringing up the case sporadically.

Recently, she brought up the case again in a TikTok video and it started trending almost immediately, with many South Africans sharing their thoughts about the video and her seeming focus on Sjava long after her rape case was withdrawn by the National Prosecuting Authority for lack of sufficient evidence to work with.

As a result of that verdict, some people believe that she merely lied to destroy Sjava’s career, and they have been fighting her online at every opportunity. The attacks on her person online got so bad that she had to close her comment section to prevent people from commenting.

When she opened the comment section again after a long while, the attacks returned. Things appeared to have worsened following the TikTok video she made rehashing the old story that Sjava raped her. Netizens have been dragging her since, and it doesn’t appear like it would end anytime soon. You can check out the controversial videos below and see for yourself.