Lady Zamar Drops Long Epistle Advising Women On Dating & Relationship

Now and then she dishes advice for her fellow women and those who would listen. Well, South African musician Lady Zamar has just done it again. 

In a recent tweet, the “Butterfly” singer advised her fellow women on how to go about their relationships, using men as examples. She claimed that men date according to how they see themselves. 

For this reason, they hardly even settle with just about any woman who loves them no matter how beautiful she is. 

In contrast, women, she said, tend to settle and date lower, usually deciding to settle and marry men who treat them well even the men may be below their standards. You can check out her post below.

While some Twitter users agree with her tweet, some noted it is exactly the opposite — that women are naturally hypergamous and always go for men who are above. But for the men, a woman’s position doesn’t figure much. As long as they love her, they can settle down with her without unnecessary drama. 

By the way, some tweeps thought she was indirectly referencing her former lover, Sjava, in her post. The two were lovers for years but split along the line, with Lady Zamar claiming that he raped her. 

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