Lady Zamar Explains How She Deals With Social Media Bullying

Lady Zamar has taken to social media to give an insight into how she deals with bullies and trolls on social media.

For anyone familiar with how social media works, there’s no doubt at all that they are aware of the existence of bullies and trolls online who insult and criticize relentlessly.

While social media platforms try to create an avenue to report such trolls and maybe even block them, for celebrities, that may be a bit difficult seeing as they get a lot of that and would need to spend all their time blocking and reporting bullies and trolls if they decide to do that.

Well, Lady Zamar has explained how she deals with hers. According to her:

It’s hard being a tea time topic but I’ve learnt the art of seeing, absorbing, understanding, reviewing, choosing and most importantly IGNORING ALL THE NEGATIVITY THROWN MY WAY.. Accepting ONLY positive vibez.

Lady Zamar is one of the popular faces in the industry and was recently announced as one of the guests that will perform at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival starting on March 27 alongside Lira, Samthing Soweto, Ndlovu Youth Choir, Jonathan Butler and Abdullah Ibrahim and fans will be looking forward to it.

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