Lady Zamar Flexes Her Poetry Skills And “It’s Cool”

Lady Zamar shows off her very cool poetry skills

Fans in awe as Lady Zamar shows off her very cool poetry skills.

Don’t you just love people who are confident in the things that they can do. Mzansi singer, Lady Zamar is one of them. The talented songstress is showing fans that she isn’t just an amazing singer and songwriter, she’s also great at poetry.

Cool right? We also didn’t see it coming. Taking to her Instagram page, she shared a screenshot of a poem she wrote and translated a few years back titled “VIVID”. She revealed that not many people knew she could do that stating that she is good at it.

The Mzansi star has been in the news for so much lately so this is a really good distraction. Trust us, it is a really good poem. Zamar id also part of the many nominees for SAMA26 and has been revealed to be a working on a new collaboration with Prince Kaybee.

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