Lady Zamar Gets Dragged Again

Mzansi singer and songwriter got dragged again after posting a stunning photo showing off her abs.

Will there ever be a world where Lady Zamar can express herself as much as she used to? We have no answer to that. The “Collide” singer has been through the worst at the hands of social media users since she accused her former boyfriend, Sjava, of sexual assault.

We all know how that ended. You’d think everyone would have moved past it by now, but the singer is still paying for it. She is one of the most trolled celebs on social media.

The “World’s Gone Crazy” singer recently shared a stunning photo of herself showing off her abs. The picture got more hate than love. Tweeps dragged her in various ways. Some warned their fellow guys not to be fooled by it like Sjava was. Others reminded her that they hadn’t forgotten about the Sjava saga.

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