Lady Zamar Gets Trolled Over Fake Accent

Popular South African singer, Lady Zamar, has been trolled again for speaking with a fake American accent while she promoted her performance on Jameson Stay Inn live stream.

The event is scheduled to be held this Saturday on Jameson’s YouTube channel.

The ‘Collide’ singer has been dragged for a similar issue before. This recent video has gotten social media users to react again to her use of a fake American accent.

In other Lady Zamar news, the talented singer has revealed that she wishes that people would focus on her music than they do to her private life.

Lady Zamar took Mzansi by surprise when she accused her former lover, Sjava, of sexual assault. This has caused an issue on social media as people are taking sides between the two artists. While some people are supporting her for being brave to make such accusation public, others have termed her a liar who is bent on bringing down Sjava’s career.

Taking to Twitter, the popular singer urged her followers to focus on her music than her personal life. She also appreciated her loyal fans who have stood by her for years.

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