Lady Zamar In Long Twitter Rant Over Public Vilification

Lady Zamar In Long Twitter Rant Over Public Vilification

Mzansi singer Lady Zamar is one lady sporadically at war ever since the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) of South Africa withdrew the sexual assault case she had filed against fellow musician Sjava.

Sjava fans sporadically troll her on social media and they are still at it. It got so bad at some point that she had to disable her comments on social media, making tweeps only able to “like” her posts. She open the comment section later and the trolling returned in full force.

Aware of the force of the trolling which appears to have no end in sight, she had gone on a Twitter rant in which she wondered out loud why people hate her so much. She noted that most people lambasting her all over the place do not know her and are unaware of her story and possibly how much they break her with their lies and trolling.

She ended up by asking what people hope to achieve with the vile and evil things they say about her online. You can check out her tweet below.

The genesis of the whole drama was her claiming that Sjava raped her. The claim reverberated across South Africa when she made it and it almost buried Sjava’s career.