Lady Zamar In The Vanguard Against Gender Based Violence, Speaks For Victims

For one who says she experienced experience in the hands of a one-time lover who happens to be a famous musician, Lady Zamar is keen ladies should be spared a similar experience. She has therefore been in the vanguard against gender-based violence.

For victims who have been unable to speak out for one reason or the other, the songstress has become a robust voice. And, given her fame and social media reach, it appears she has been doing well on the beat.

In a post shared on social media recently, the songstress said women are precious, and men should do all they can to protect the women in their lives, not abuse them. Her post had great traction, as many fans commended her advocacy while urging her to keep up her fighting spirit.

As a person, she had been through a lot herself. But from her experiences, she has learned and continues to learn. Every negativity thrown her way becomes a building block for a stronger Lady Zamar. It seems like the way to go, yes?

What do you think of Lady Zamar’s gender-based violence advocacy? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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