Lady Zamar Makes Noticeable Changes On Social Media

Lady Zamar makes new changes to her social media pages

Lady Zamar makes very noticeable changes to her social media pages and addresses it.

Of course, change is the most constant thing in the world, and we’re all for embracing it. However, there’s one we are quite confused about but would love to see what it’s all about. Lady Zamar is rewriting her narrative with new changes made to her social media pages.

We dont know if you’ve noticed. On Wednesday, June 10th, the “My Baby” star revamped her social media with a brand new profile, a new cover photo, and also a new name. No, not a stage name.

She changed her name to “Miya Khai Unicorn”, and her new profile photo echoed the initials of the new name “MK”. However, she’s reverted back to a profile photo of herself. In a tweet released after the changes, she addressed the need to embrace change and reap its rewards afterwards.

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