Lady Zamar On Being Cancelled, Opens Social Media Comments

She’s rarely had the best relationships with social media users, what with the endless trolling, especially from fans of her former lover Sjava. It was so bad that at some point she had to close the comments on her social media accounts. That created a semblance of sanity as people can either simply like her posts or walk away.

But she has made the decision to open her comments again. So now everyone, fans and trolls alike, can comment. It is unclear what made her change her mind about opening up her comments again, However, the decision has been met with mixed reactions.

While some tweeps hailed her for her bravery to open up her comments again, some asked why she deiced to. At the time of writing, there was no specific explanation as to why she did that despite fans asking.

Lady Zamar On Being Cancelled, Opens Social Media Comments 2

Lady Zamar has had several battles on social media, especially after she claimed that the rapper Sjava raped her while they were in a relationship. The claim nearly ruined his career at the time, but he managed to bounce back eventually. Since then, his fans have been trolling her at every opportunity they have.

It remains to be seen how long she would keep her comments open.

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