Lady Zamar Problematizes Men Calling Women Gold-Diggers

Lady Zamar blasts men that tag women as gold-diggers.

South African musician, Lady Zamar, has taken to social media to update a thread, blasting men who label women as gold-diggers because of their contradictory sentiments about women. They see themselves as providers and women as those wanting to steal their money.

The award-winning singer has taken to Twitter to post a thread, addressing the stigma men have placed on women. They pride themselves as those that provide for their female partners and shame women that request what they want to be provided for.

In her Twitter post, Lady Zamar asked the question:

Do you (men) like women who take your money and not say it but hate those who say it?

Lady Zamar’s question gave rise to an ongoing debate.

The musician posted:

“I’m so confused by men.. Are you guys actually impressed by women trying to spend all your money all the time but most of you say you hate gold diggers??? Balance me here.. Do you guys like women who take your money and not say it but hate those who say it?”

See her post below:

Last month, Lady Zamar shared pictures of herself and her rumoured boyfriend, Faustino Muhongo, as they enjoy a great time in Angola, which is his home country. They were seen holding hands as they toured the city and went sightseeing. This was after the songstress confirmed that she was once in a toxic relationship. It is reported that Lady Zamar and Sjava were in a secret relationship for years but they did not reveal their relationship to the public until it went sour.

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