Lady Zamar Responds To Rumours She Is Moving To Malawa

Lady Zamar On Claims Msaki Wrote Songs For Her

Rumours recently hit the town that South African singer Lady Zama was relocating to Malawi. But is she? And if yes, why would she relocate to the neighbouring country?

Well, after a brief silence, the “Butterfly” singer has addressed the rumours, completely dismissing them as fiction and nothing close to reality. According to the singer, she is not leaving the country, and she wonders where the blogs got the information that she was leaving the country.

Lady Zamar has been in one Twitter storm after the other following her claims that fellow musician Sjava raped her. The two were in a relationship until this went South after Sjava revealed a new relationship.

As far as Sjava’s fans were concerned, Lady Zamar’s claims were false and nothing but an attempt to ruin the career of the BET Award-winning musician. However, Lady Zamar is adamant that Sjava actually raped her.

Now and then, she would bring up the subject, and Sjava’s fan would respond according. The battle got so rough that she had to deactivate her comments on social media at some point. She reopened it and the war started all over again.

And now, from nowhere, rumours are flying that she wants to relocate to Malawi. Well, her response is public knowledge now.