Lady Zamar Says Big Recording Studios Still Intimidate Her

Lady Zamar says she's still intimidated by big recording studios

Lady Zamar says she’s still intimidated by big and fancy recording studios.

Trust that many dream to record their music in some of the world’s biggest recording studios while some don’t fancy them at all. Well, to each their poison. People might argue and say that the big studios are much better, while others believe that the small ones do practically the same thing.

Mzansi singer, Lady Zamar is not one to go crazy for big studios. According to her, they make her nervous so she’ll choose the little bedroom studios over the huge ones any day, any time. We’re sure she’s seen the best studios in all of Mzansi.

Taking to Twitter, the talented singer opened up about creating timeless music and needing only a great mic and a great producer to do it. In her opinion, the huge studios are very intimidating while the bedroom ones (the easy made small studios) are homely enough.

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