Lady Zamar Says She & Msaki Worked On Only One Song Together

Mzansi singer and songwriter clears the air and says that she and worked on only one song together after the singer claimed she writes songs for her.

has been blowing up the trends after she announced she was quitting music. The “Fetch Your Life” star has received a lot of criticism and was recently blamed for Smash Afrika’s separation from his wife.

She was accused of having an affair with him, to which she responded, “Smash is a great guy. I have nothing to do with the end of his relationship, and I’m hurt.” also claimed that she writes songs for many artists, including Lady Zamar.

Responding to the claims, the “Collide” singer revealed that they worked on only one song together. She wrote, “ and I have worked on only one song together … we co-wrote the hook to Freedom ft rhapsody and have since done no other work together.” She appreciated the singer for sharing her journey.

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