Lady Zamar Seemingly Replies Sjava With Recent Tweets

Lady Zamar's recent tweets seem to be a response to Sjava's video

Lady Zamar’s recent tweets appear to be a response to Sjava’s recent video.

The drama that has unfolded between Lady Zamar and Sjava since she accused him of sexual assault has been crazy. While Sjava has denied the allegations which are still being investigated, Zamar has maintained her stance.

The “Linda” rapper trended recently after sharing a video where he denied the accusations once again. He stated that he has always spoken out against GBV across his platforms, and reiterated that he never assaulted his ex-girlfriend.

Seemingly replying the rapper, Zamar shared a few tweets which seemed to have been influenced by Sjava’s statements. She spoke out about GBV victims outing the perpetrators inspite of their status and social standing. She also stated that perpetrators do not look a certain way, and that anyone could be guilty. She also revealed that in the world, Mzansi has the highest statistics of GBV.

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