Lady Zamar Shares Pictures With Her Rumoured Boyfriend As They Hang Out In Angola

Lady Zamar reveals pictures from her Angolan getaway as she hangs out with her rumoured boyfriend, Faustino Muhongo.

Yamikani Janet Banda, popularly known by the stage name ‘Lady Zamar,’ has taken to social media to share pictures as she enjoys a great time with her rumoured boyfriend, Faustino Muhongo, in Angola.

Angola is Faustino Muhongo’s home country. The South African singer and songwriter would surely have a swell time as her rumoured boyfriend takes her on a tour around the beautiful city.

They had shared images from the capital city of Angola, Luanda. The rumoured couple was seen holding hands in some of the pictures. As they went sightseeing, they shared beautiful pictures holding hands and taking in the environment.

The songstress had previously come out to claim that she was in a toxic relationship but never mentioned with who. Zamar and Sjava were in a secret relationship for two years, they denied the relationship when questioned about it, but later confirmed it after things went bad.

Yeah we dated from June 2017 and ended things in March 2019… That’s all so y’all can stop with the questions..

She tweeted.

The duo never disclosed the specifics of their separation but Lady Zamar had sent out tweets that almost directly pointed out that the toxic relationship she had was with Sjava.

Below are some of the pictures Lady Zamar shared on her social media page, the man in the picture is believed to be her boyfriend

If you’re planning a weekend getaway, you should definitely consider Angola!

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