Lady Zamar Talks Abuse Allegations Against Sjava In New TikTok Video = Watch

The drama between Lady Zamar and Sjava is not over yet, as the songstress has just revealed that she never dropped the charges against fellow musician Sjava.

Years back, the “Butterfly” singer claimed that the BET Award-winning rapper raped her and was abusive to her in their relationship as well. The claims reverberated throughout South Africa at the time, especially so because gender-based violence is a serious plague in the country.

So far-reaching were the implications of her claims that they almost buried Sjava’s music career at the time. But he managed to survive it.

Since then, the songstress has sporadically swelled on the case she opened against the rapper. She did it again recently in a post on her official TikTok account, where she informed her fans that she never officially dropped the case against Sjava.

According to her, South Africa’s Nationa;l Prosecuting Authority decided not to pursue the case as a result of insufficient evidence. You can check out the post below.


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Her new video elicited mixed reactions from TikTok users. While some supported her. Some rubbished her claims while showing support for Sjava. Lady Zamar has been targeted by Sjava’s fans online ever since she made the rape allegations against him, and at some point, she had to turn off her comment section.

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