Lady Zamar To Go On Makeup-free Lockdown

Lady Zamar to go makeup-free for the duration of the lockdown

Lady Zamar announces plans to go makeup-free for the duration of the lockdown in South Africa.

Mzansi singer Lady Zamar looks like she’s living her best life and not letting what anyone says get to her. The singer previously made the news big time after she announced that she was allegedly raped by Mzansi rapper, Sjava who is her former boyfriend.

Since then, her social media has been flooded with comments from both her and Sjava’s fans. She often takes a while off social media and posts photos when she feels like it. The singer recently shared a photo of herself without makeup celebrating her clear skin.

She also announced that she would go makeup-free all through the lockdown. According to her, she would only wear make up if she plays around with it. She also took the opportunity to communicate with some of her fans who commented on her skin.

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