Lady Zamar To Release 3 Songs As Singles Off The “Monarch” Album

Lady Zamar to release 3 singles off the "Monarch" album

Lady Zamar reveals plans to drop 3 more singles off the “Monarch” album.

There’s a point you get to in your career where all you’ll ever care about is just the music and also the people you’re dishing it out for. That’s what happens when artists know their sound and what their listeners like to here.

This is exactly where talented Mzansi singer, Lady Zamar is at now. The singer previously revealed that her plans for the year are to spend a lot of time recording music. She also revealed that she isn’t a huge fan of big studios but loves the bedroom ones more.

She’s now announced via her Instagram account that she’s got three more songs from the “Monarch” album to release as standalone singles. She revealed that she’s already dropped four including “This is love”, “Sharp Shooter”, “Sunshine”, and “Our Process”. She may not own her masters but she’s got control over her music.

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