Lady Zamar’s Latest Selfie Bombarded With Comments On The Ongoing Legal Battle With Sjava

Lady Zamar's comments section is flooded with the ongoing legal battle with Sjava

Mzansi singer, Lady Zamar’s selfie gets flooded with comments on her ongoing legal battle with Lady Zamar.

We honestly fear for Lady Zamar’s state of mind these days. The singer has had everyone’s radar on her since she called out her ex-boyfriend, Sjava in her legal battle. Since then, many have spoken out against her while some have sided her on the matter.

Since the singer accused the “Linda” rapper of rapper and started a legal case against him, it has attracted both good and bad press. Since then, she hasn’t been so present on social media and has breezed in and out.

In a recent Instagram Live video, she revealed to her fans that she’s alright. Taking to Twitter recently, she shared a selfie, but the comments section was flooded with many comments about her ongoing legal case with Sjava. We do hope she’s truly okay because that can be too much to handle.

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