Lady Zamar’s Profound Letter to Women

South African singer Lady Zamar has just written to her fellow women who might be hurting, providing them avenues for strength and healing.

A victim of gender-based violence herself, the “Butterfly” crooner sure knows how and where it hurts and appears to be in a position to help her fellow women.

In a recent tweet, she encourages the women to feel strong, letting them know that the blame isn’t on them. And for those who kept silent amid abuse, she stated that they need not explain why they kept silent for so long.

The note, in a sense, might be for her because she also kept silent when reportedly abused her. It wasn’t until they broke up that she went public with claims that he abused her. You can check out her tweets below.

It’s not on you, you are not to blame…you don’t need to explain why you kept silent for so long. sometimes silence is the only way you survive and heal until you’ve gathered enough love, peace and strength to finally face the demons that almost broke and killed you.

Speak your mind as often as you can, let truth decide your life… but remember that sometimes only paper will be able to hear and understand you clearly.

Her claims almost ruined Sjava’s career at the time, as many ostracized him even though insisted he was never abusive to him and never raped her as she claimed.

Well, she has since moved on, and from her experience, she’s keen other ladies should be alert and not start blaming themselves when things go south in their relationships. Are the ladies listening? Stay tuned.

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