Lakers’ LeBron James Smashes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Record, Becomes NBA’s All-Time Leading Scorer

It is the dream of many to be the best they can be – the best of their generation and even the best of all time. But, of course, not everyone gets to achieve that. LeBron James has achieved that and more in his NBA career.

Just recently, he became NBA’s all-time points record holder after putting in a sterling performance as LA Lakers faced off against the Oklahoma City Thunder in a game that ended 130-133 with a victory for the Lakers. LeBron James chipped in 38 of the winning shots.

With Tuesday’s successful putting against the Oklahoma City Thunder, James officially surpasses record holder Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s total of 38,387. Now, who in James’s hoes wouldn’t be ecstatic/ It turned out the star isn’t the only one excited about the milestone. His fans are just as chuffed.

In posts on social media, fans of LeBron James have been celebrating his snagging the crown as the NBA’s all-time points record holder. How long he would hold the title is unclear. But one thing is obvious: records are made and records are broken. A record one makes today, someone else might break tomorrow. That is one of the beauties not just of sports but of life itself.

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