Lakeside Mall Robbery: Gauteng Police Hunting Gang Suspects

In what may have struck some shoppers as a scene from a crime flick, a group of about 15 robbers stormed the Lakeside Mall in Benoni and made away with an unstipulated amount in cash.

The robber had popped into the mall and robbed it as quickly as they had come, then disappeared in the three vehicles by which they came.

In a trending video, the robbers could be stashing their vehicles with what they had stolen. Two of the robbers were seen dragging an enormous bag, which they eventually abandoned by one of the cars when it became clear the drivers were about to move and might leave the robbers who don’t get into the vehicles as soon as possible. One of the robbers even had to occupy the boot of one of the vehicles as the criminals sped off.

The robbery had many South African miffed, with some tweeters claiming that the police watched while the heist happened, and others claiming that a police station was close by, yet law enforcement couldn’t do a thing.

Anyway, the police authorities are currently on the hunt for the robbers. Therefore, they have asked members of the public to step forward with any information they might have regarding the robbery.

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