Lamiez Holworthy and Khuli Chana’s Son Leano Has Started Walking

Fans react to a video of Lamiez Holworthy and Khuli Chana’s son Leano taking his first steps at 9 months old.

We must say we are proud of how well Lamiez Holworthy takes care of her son. The famous DJ and her husband, rapper Khuli Chana, welcomed their son early last year. Holworthy made sure her fans knew everything about the pregnancy, and they were all thrilled when she finally put to bed.

She has been giving fans glimpses of her job as a mother. This week, she shared photos of herself and the young boy dressed in identical outfits, and the fans could not help admiring the mother and son.

Taking to her Instagram page recently, Lamiez shared a video of the 9-month-old Leano taking his first steps to the delight of his parents. She wrote,

“So my roommate, who I carried for 9 whole months? You know, the one who betrayed me by looking like his father and nothing like me? Yes him. He’s walking at 9 months already. He started taking a step or two at 7/8 months already and was crawling way before that. To anyone else who has a baby, please remember that each individual child grows and develops at their own pace.”

Fans congratulated them in the comments.

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