Lamiez Holworthy On Her Vacation Trip To An Unknown Island

It is no longer news that Lamiez Howorthy went on a vacation. But many South Africans have been curious why she should go on a vacation when she recently gave birth. Their take is that she should have stuck around for her baby.

Well, the DJ and media personality, who is married to rapper Khulane Morule (Khuli Chana) has given insights into her trip, noting that she needed to take a break. For once, according to her, she has to be selfish so she can continue to be selfless.

In other words, she needed to refill her tank to be able to continue her push in many areas, including being a mum. Since she took the trip to an unknown Island, she has been serving body goals on social media with different outfits that accentuate her figure.

And, you guess right, South Africans have been lapping up the images from her trip. You can check out one of them below.

Lamiez Holworthy considers herself blessed to be a mother, and she has been lavishing maternal love on her son Zion since he was born. Of course, she felt a mother’s guilt when she took the trip, but that should be over soon.

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