Lamiez Holworthy Opinions Land Her In Trouble

Popular TV DJ, has landed in trouble for her recent opinions.

Mzansi has had mixes reactions to a recent video of Dineo Ranaka speaking to a man in a very unkind manner. She is seen shouting at the man identified to be Sechaba Thole in a way that has rubbed Mzansi the wrong way.

She’s also heard spilling private details of her life as she screams at him. Ranaka tells Thole that she only used him to get over her failed marriage. She also bragged about being a much bigger star than him. Of course, this brought about mixed reactions from Mzansi.

Reacting to it all, Mzansi DJ, Holworthy spoke out about how Ranaka’s close friends secretly filmed her while having a meltdown. She also spoke about it being “sad that people can’t be vulnerable around their friends. She has since come under fire for her thoughts on the matter.

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