Lamiez Holworthy Reveals Biggest And Most Challenging Goal

South African disc jockey Lamiez Holworthy has just stepped into a new and exciting phase as with the new year and she’s got new goals to conquer, including completing an orphanage.

If you know the songstress very well, you also probably know that she’s one of the kindest souls out there, always trying to help others. So electing to build an orphanage is not at all surprising.

In a recent tweet, the much-loved musician prayed for a blessed year of great wins, as well as splendid experiences. Her biggest goal this year is to complete her orphanage, according to her.

Her tweet has been liked over two thousand times, with many users showering praises and blessings on her for her initiatives that better the lives of strangers.

By the way, just recently, Lamiez, who’s married to fellow musician Khuli Chana, gifted a transplant recipient a machine that would help her legs to heal. It was one of several times she had helped random strangers.

While she had noted the negatives of social media, she’d also generously conceded that it has several positives as well. Hopefully, she sails through in her dream of completing her orphanage this year. Stay tuned, y’all.

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