Lamiez Holworthy Says She Turned Down Multiple Political Gigs

Mzansi DJ, Lamiez Holworthy has revealed she turned down multiple political gigs this year.

While some Mzansi celebs do not have a problem associating themselves with various political parties, others would rather not be involved. In a recent tweet, Lamiez Holworthy proved that she would rather not be involved.

Popular Twitter users, Karabo Mokgoko had tweeted that it was hard turning down political gigs but he hopes to get rewarded for it, prompting a reply from Holworthy. She revealed that she had also turned down multiple political gigs this year, and stated that it may not have felt easy but it was the right thing to do.

This sets them apart from the likes of Makhadzi, Ntando Duma, Uncle Vinny, Pearl Thusi and more who have publicly shown their support for various political parties and represent them every chance they get. Holworthy has also received praise from her followers who applauded her decision.

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