Lamiez Holworthy Slaps Troll Who Wondered Why She’s Still Childless

The lives of celebs are fodder for the public. Peeps wanna speak of and about them – most times not for good. Just rently, a Twitter user decided to troll radio DJ Lamiez Holworthy, wondering why she is yet to give her husband a child.

The Twitter user, who goes by the handle @TekThido, had disseminated the old spiel people can’t have everything in life. The user referenced Lamiez Holworthy in the tweet, wondering if it was Lamiez or her husband Khuli who doesn’t want a child

Never one to keep quiet a brazen slight, Lamiez had asserted that apparently the user was impervious to the point she wanted to make. She wondered why her life should interest the user so much. She ended up describing it as shame(ful). You can check out the exchange below

By the way, most of Β Lamiez Holworthy’s fans urged her not to waste her time with the troll. She may not have a child yet, but she has a wonderful relationship with her husband, whom she gifted a red Jeep Wrangler on his last birthday

What do you think of Lamiez Holwoarthy’s response to the troll? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below

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