Lamiez Holworthy Talks Postpartum Struggles & Asks Fans For Their Experience

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South African disc jockey Lamiez Holworthy has given insights into her postpartum struggles, revealing, among others, that her neck is still dark after giving birth.

The songstress and radio personality recently gave birth to a son named Zion and her joy couldn’t be measured. It was a precious moment and an experience that continues to feed her soul. Every day has been like a miracle and a blessing and she just cannot get enough of the tot.

But there have been many changes in her body following the birth. She has been forthright about her experiences following the birth of her child, giving insights on her Instagram page.

In her latest post, she noted she is suffering from hyperpigmentation, as her thigh, neck and a couple of other areas are much darker than other parts of her body. She asked her fans if there was anyone among them who can relate to her experience. You can check out her post below.

The comments throbbed with fans sharing their experiences and domer encouraging her that it is one experience that she will overcome soon enough and that when that happens, she would be happier for it. They have a point right there, perhaps