Lamiez Holworthy’s Father Revealed

If you are one of those who have been curious about the identity of the father of South African disc jockey and media personality Lamiez Holworthy, then you have probably just gotten the answer you seek.
You probably already know that the celebrated media personality speaks highly of her mother and often posts about her online. About her father, many of her fans cannot say the same. That likely stems from them not knowing who he is,

Well, her father has just been revealed to be none other than the veteran musician and producer Chicco Twala. He was at Lamiez Holworthy’s baby Leona Zion’s christening and even gifted the kid a Mercedes Benz.

Chicco Twala himself has stated that Lamiez is his daughter without going into much detail. The only person who has not been forthcoming about the identity of Lamiez’s father is her mother, who would rather the public not delve into what she considers her private business.

Anyway, Lamiez Holworthy is doing well for herself and that is what counts for her and her parents as well. She is also in a beautiful relationship with her husband, the rapper Khuli Chana. In all, she is a daughter many would hope to have.

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