Land Day: EFF Pickets Johann Rupert’s

South Africa’s wealthiest man Johann Rupert was the target of an anti-colonialism protest recently.

As part of the plans to mark the day colonialism started in South Africa, the controversial political collective Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) had announced plans to picket a wine estate and other farms owned by Rupert.

In a statement, the EFF had noted that its president, Julius Malema, will lead the picketing of the estate in the Western Cape Province to mark the day the Dutchman Jan van Riebeeck first arrived in South Africa.

True to plan, Malema and his EFF thrown picketed the estate and even made some demands on the billionaire. Among others, the EFF had demanded that Rupert distribute some of the lands he owns. According to Malema, the land was taken over 300 years ago. He insisted that Rupert provide records on how the land was acquired. The picketing exercise was dubbed Land Day.

More than 300 years ago they arrived here and they took our land. The land is to be expropriated without compensation, so we are here for that principle,”

– Julius Malema

He also asked Rupert to provide his tax records. The controversial collective gave him 14 days to respond to their demands. 

In South Africa, as in Zimbabwe, the acquisition of land by the European settlers has been a subject of great controversy and discussion. So far, though, the issue remains unresolved.

Will Rupert heed the EFF’s demands? 

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