Lasizwe and Khanyi Mbau Go On An Awkward Date

YouTuber Lasizwe and Khanyisa Mbau’s new awkward date video garners 124k views in four days.

Lasizwe and his sister Khanyisa Mbau are famous for a reason. They are amongst the most entertaining celebs in the country. Lasizwe’s web series has been a hit amongst fans. He has been on dates with top celebs, including Toss, who oozed sexual appeal all through.

This time, Lasizwe announced on Instagram that he went on a date with his sister, the famous Khanyisa Mbau. He called it his most awkward one yet. He wrote, “Went on a date with my sister, and this has to be the most awkward date I have been on.”

The video has garnered over 124 thousand views in four days of release on YouTube. The two talk about how much girlfriend allowance Khanyi would ask for if he were to date her. He also said he wouldn’t give her more than R2k, and Khanyi did not accept.

Khanyi also said she does not tell a man how much he should give up. However, she said whatever he gave her must be something she couldn’t make alone. Lasizwe is shocked when Khanyi says she finds him attractive. Watch the video below.

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