Lasizwe Dambuza: A Barefoot Stroll and a New Show

The South African YouTuber's Recent Activities Raise Eyebrows and Applause

Popular South African YouTuber, Lasizwe Dambuza, has been making waves both for his content and his personal choices. Recently, he surprised fans by sharing a video of himself walking barefoot on Instagram. While the sight of Lasizwe without shoes initially raised eyebrows, he later showcased his stylish red Bathu sneakers in the same video.

Lasizwe’s explanation for his barefoot walk was simple. He enjoys the sensation of walking without shoes, especially when the sun is shining. This candid moment was not just about his preference for walking barefoot; it was also an opportunity to flaunt his trendy Bathu sneakers. The caption accompanying the video read, “I can explain. I genuinely enjoy walking barefoot especially when it sunny outside. But you didn’t see that! You saw my shoes… ! My Bathu “MESH EDITION” in red.”

The reactions to Lasizwe’s video were mixed. Many social media users were impressed with the sneakers, expressing their interest in purchasing a pair. Comments ranged from admiration for the shoes’ design to suggestions for other potential color options.

In addition to his footwear choices, Lasizwe has been garnering attention for his new show, Awkward Dates. The show features Lasizwe bringing in different celebrities for a unique dating experience. Notable guests who have graced the show include Mihlali Ndamase, Khanyi Mbau, Mmusi Maimane, and Umlando hitmaker Toss. Lasizwe revealed that the show was inspired by popular YouTuber and comedienne Amelia Dimoldenberg.

The most recent episode of Awkward Dates featured Toss, and the duo discussed various topics, from dating and age to personal growth. Lasizwe’s ability to blend humor with genuine conversation has made the show a hit among fans.

Lasizwe’s recent activities, from his barefoot video to his new show, highlight his unique approach to content creation and his ability to connect with his audience. Whether he’s discussing serious topics or sharing light-hearted moments, Lasizwe continues to be a prominent figure in the South African entertainment scene.

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