Lasizwe Says He Is Straight Now

South African actor and TV personality, Lasizwe has announced that he is tired of men and their ways and that he is now straight. The social media sensation must have been hurt by someone, leading to the decision to stay away from men and instead start dating women.

He didn’t reveal the reason for his decision though as he only tweeted:

From today I’m straight, men are a stress! Yoh! Ha.a! Where the ladies at!?

The 21-year old YouTuber is known for creating videos daily and relating them to the way South Africans live and the things they say.

He is quite popular doing things like these and his announcement has drawn comments of concern from some fans and of insults from others who mock him for attempting to jump ship at the first sign of trouble.

It is not clear whether or not Lasizwe means this or if he is only joking but the coming days will reveal that. If he means it and now wants to be with women, that will be huge, and it may not exactly be well received in the gay community.

If it isn’t, then maybe he will get over whatever it is that caused his outburst and continue to tolerate men and their ways.

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