Lasizwe Talks Benefits of Staying Sober

YouTube star Lasizwe Dambusa talks to TimesLIVE about the benefits of staying sober.

Lasizwe Dambusa is the latest celebrity who is prioritizing his health and well-being more than anything else. The YouTube star announced in April that he was one month sober. He shared the news on Twitter, writing,

“Tomorrow marks a significant milestone for me, as it will have been over a month since I last consumed alcohol. This journey has been both challenging and rewarding. Maintaining sobriety in the midst of social gatherings can be difficult, especially when one’s friends are not abstaining.”

In an interview with TimesLIVE, he spoke about how his sobriety journey has been going. He said, “Sobriety is going well. Every day I’m tempted to drink. It is such a beautiful journey to be able to make such a conscious decision whether you want to drink or not. So with this sabbatical, essentially. I’m not saying I’m quitting alcohol because I’m an alcoholic — no, I want to have the control and the choice to say I want to drink or I don’t want to drink.”

He said he only wants to drink for the right purposes. “When I’m drinking, what is the purpose of drinking? Are we celebrating? I don’t want to just drink alcohol nje. I want to be able to be in the moment and say we are all cheers-ing, have a drink and be responsible,” Read the full interview here.

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